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This feature is so sensitive that it can actually take the place of traditional endstops.Set the bump sensitivity for the X and Y stepper drivers here.Even small errors in these values can lead to curved movements and failed prints.To ensure the best delta experience, use this command in conjunction with Some TMC stepper drivers have the ability to detect when they bump into something that causes them to stop moving.Set whether SD printing should abort in the event of any endstop being triggered.This provides a fast way to abort a print in the event of mechanical failure such as loose couplings, lost steps, diverted axes, binding, etc., which lead to axes being very far out of position. The basic procedure will move the print head away from the print, eject the filament, wait for new filament to be inserted and the user to confirm, load and prime the filament, and continue with the print.This is one technique Marlin uses to keep in sync with hosts.SENDING: M122 X Y Enabled false false Set current 850 850 RMS current 826 826 MAX current 1165 1165 Run current 26/31 26/31 Hold current 13/31 13/31 CS actual 13/31 13/31 PWM scale 41 41 vsense 1=.18 1=.18 stealth Chop true true msteps 16 16 tstep 1048575 1048575 pwm threshold 0 0 [mm/s] - - OT prewarn false false OT prewarn has been triggered false false off time 5 5 blank time 24 24 hysterisis -end 2 2 -start 3 3 Stallguard thrs 0 0 DRVSTATUS X Y stallguard sg_result 0 0 fsactive stst X X olb ola s2gb s2ga otpw ot 'Driver registers:' X = 0x80:0D: Y = 0x80:0D: to play tones (not just beeps).

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However, in this tutorial our focus will be on Android platform.) The application will consist of a self-navigating main camera around the 3D model of a yacht on water.Google has published specifications for platform compatible headsets and provided two development kits for Cardboard applications.In this tutorial, we will develop a simple Google Cardboard application using Unity SDK and deploy into an Android phone. With Mesh Bed Leveling (MBL) you can interactively measure a grid of Z heights without a bed probe. WARNING - UBL will be active at power up, before any `G28`.

If the machine is idle for longer than the set period, the firmware will shut everything down and halt the machine. Each line number sent by a host must be one higher than the previous line number, or the firmware will ignore the line and send an error requesting a resend of the missing line.

A linear move traces a straight line from one point to another, ensuring that the specified axes will arrive simultaneously at the given coordinates (by linear interpolation). Marlin now contains support for SDCard alphabetical file sorting in the LCD menus.